Del Closed

Well, I'm still finding my footing in this new 2.0 world, but look: this last weekend of June saw the conclusion of the Del Close Marathon in New York City. It, like countless other New Yorkers looking for work, is moving to LA next year. Sources report that it will soon go out for commercial auditions and sit in a room of other festivals and marathons that look just like it. Also, it's borrowing it's Dad's four door Acura and driving out there, cross country. City of Stars, baby

Will I follow it to LA next year? Maybe... but probably not. But that's not why I'm here today, to speculate on my living situation. No. I'm here to give a review of the whole thing this year. Leggo!

I slept everyday. I had to, I've been feeling burnt out since before this whole thing started, but we'll get to that later, once I nail down what it is. It all started with ASSSSCAT at Carnegie Hall on Thursday. If you've ever wanted to watch improv but not hear improv, then Carnegie Hall is for you. I was ok because I had headphones and those fancy tiny binoculars, but for the rest of the audience, I doubt they enjoyed it. Kind of like watching a TV on mute. I needed Tina Fey to write (Del) close(d) captioning. Anyway, it was a good show (or so I'm told by the front row) and I enjoyed being in that iconic hall for that iconic show. It just goes to show us that if we practice, practice, practice in sweaty studios, we to can get to Carnegie Hall doing improv.

The lines at DCM tend to be long. I'm no stranger to camping on the pavements of NYC, so this is always a sidewalk in the park for me. With the new UCB being basically on the Intrepid, it's tough to wrap lines around buildings without alerting the residential neighborhood that too many white people in their 20's and 30's are laying on the ground waiting to see celebrities bullshit their way through thirty minutes of empty stage time. People were confused but ok with it

Celebrities showed up in full force, at all hours of the day. There was McBrayer, Mantzoukas, Scheer, St. Clair, Parham, Kroll, Byer, Walsh, Besser, Roberts, Poehler, Gemberling, Antamanuik, Gabrus, and so many others. My head nearly exploded. But, it does that every year, so I'm never concerned.

I wasn't picked to volunteer, probably to let the new guys/gals do it before DCM moves to Tinsel Town. I'm ok with that, but my wallet isn't. If I listen really close, at night, I can still hear it whining when I sleep. It's either that, or I have tinnitus from the cheering and applause. Because I didn't volunteer or perform (Thank You, Del), I had no access to the party space, which is this magical place full of beer and dancing, like a bar that has the layout of an art gallery. Guess I'll have to go when I get to LA next year... (wink)