They're Back!!!

Sorry I've been gone so long. It took me forever to update my terms and conditions. You should be a receiving an email shortly. Man, these European COPD laws are no joke. Whatever the case, it's been updated, resolved, and concluded. Come at me, Cambridge Analytica! You won't do it, no balls! No, I don't mean all of the data of the people that you have whose last names are Balls, I mean courage. (I'm currently being infiltrated by Cambridge Analytica. Send help!)

What I wanted to talk about today is something that's kind of topical. Why, as culture, do we have to reboot and reuse everything we've created before? I'm very content to let sleeping dogs lie, unless Sleeping Dogs was a hit TV show in the 80's; then, by all means, reboot it. I'd love to see Alan Alda again! With everything else, though, let's just let it exist. Is the star of the show a racist, rapist, or rakist (doesn't like fall yardwork)? Then, at the very least, we had that art that someone made. We can still enjoy it. Let's not invite this person back to make it again, and uncover new theories about how Rosanne likes Trump. This much, we knew. Seems like we're trying to beat a dead horse. Kind of like watching a remake of Mr. Ed.

I'm happy to let the newcomers in; the hes and shes and theys who have something to say. Fresh faces = new places! (So glad I got to write that here. I've een pitching it to L'Oréal for months but they won't respond to my DMs.) The time is now! Seize it while you can. If you work in any type of media, please employ new people. Don't let the crazy old people make you think that the landscape is garbage. The young ones might surprise you. Unless you want to reboot the old.

In fact, that's what's happened here. This is People Say I'm Funny 2: Electric Bugaloo! This is the rebooted PSIF, where we brought back all of the same characters you know and love, except Becky is played by a different white actress and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson are busy (spending the money they made their parents twenty years ago). Tune in! We're. Back!