You're Not Making a lot of Cents

Well, it was only a matter of time. You knew it would happen eventually. You just didn't think would be so soon. But here I am, about to ramble on and on about small change again, a subject near, and dear, to my pocket. And it might not amount to much, or might make a lot of sense. I don't know, you decide. 

See, I think about small change in a big way. If you place a high amount of value on the smallest part of something, that bigger something is going to matter. Take the larger act of recycling. Do you do it? I mean really do it. Why not? Is it too confusing, too hard, or does it take too much effort? Don't worry, I won't judge. I'm not on any high horse. (They're too expensive and most apartments don't allow them. What is this, 2 Broke Girls?)  The point is, we don't care enough to be motivated to recycle, or at the very least, take a plastic bottle or can back to the store. Here in NYC, they charge a bottle deposit per can/bottle. It's only $0.05. Most people are like 'screw it, I'll forget the nickel.' But what did we just talk about? It's just me and the Chinese lady, standing at register 6, both screaming Bottle! until someone helps us. Why does $0.05 motivate me and not you? What number would motivate you?

I've asked a lot of questions, so I'll go back to rambling. It never really crosses anyone's mind, the small change amounts, I mean. But what if you're me, buying a bagel from the market every morning? When the bagels cost $0.34 a pop, it sure as heck makes cents to count pennies. These little guys add up. Now, that's the kind of change that Barack Obama was talking about. Also, they are legal tender and should be treated as such. (What if this turned into a PSA about the penny? That would be weird...)

If you want to see me give a shout out to the penny, watch this month's The Late Stream on Facebook Live. Follow it on there. My friend is doing a good thing producing a great late night show and if you take the time to watch, I'm sure you'll have fun. It's free, which as you know, is even cheaper than a penny.