Youthful Arrogance

In honor of SNL this week, I finally did something that a lot of people my age have done multiple times: I lost my H-card and listened to Hamilton. So you can all stop screaming virgin at me, Ok? Please stop screaming virgin at me. And much like your first time, I couldn't figure out how to rap it or what to do with my hands. I lasted a while though, as it's a long play. The words moved so fast that I thought I was listening to Eminem: The Musical (which if no one is actively pursing yet, now is the time people!). And the whole time, I sat there thinking, "Wow! I could've written this."

Ah yes! There it is. My youthful arrogance. Although, maybe it's just straight up arrogance. You see, my arrogance is young, scrappy, and hungry. It can make me do insane things and think things that are even insaner (like that using "insaner" is a good idea even though I know it's not a word). You don't even know how conceited I can be. I do. And it's great. I love me.

Let me clarify something. I could not write Hamilton. It's masterfully crafted by a very talented writer/performer named Lin Manuel Miranda, although, if you ask me, he's more of a Lin Manuel Samantha (I'm not the first person to make this joke. SNL did it in the promos for this week. But I thought of it on my own, first, I swear.) That being said, there is a recurring beat and lyric in a song where at the end of every line it says something like "...Aaron Burr, sir?" And I've just been rhyming to that the whole week. I have a whole new story concocted about a woman's purse and needing to be reimbursed. And her purse is over ther, and stuff about a cat's purr and Aaron Burr, sir? At one point, I even speculate on any familial relation to Bill Burr. It's great. That's what I've been doing for fun recently. All just for me. And for one brief second, I'm just like, I could do this. I could write Hamilton. I'm not going to throw away my shot.

Anyway, the country is in the toilet and we're voting for whichever plunger we think can unclog the drain. That's what I've decided. Fair!? Fair. It's what's in everyone's minds, these debates and all. I don't know. I just don't know. I'm not very political, even though I just wrote a post about Alexander Hamilton (Alexander Hamilton!!). Let's get him in office. No more ten spot for you, now it's the country spot. That would be nice. But alas, [Spoiler Alert] he's dead. And Burr won. #I'mWithBurr