Catch Me in the Fall

Well, it's one of those weeks again. You know the one. Where I'm really busy and stuff, sleeping 5 hours a night. That sort of thing. Anyway, don't worry, I'll be fine. But I just wanted to do one of these monthly wrap-ups that I've been doing this entire year.  

Saturday Night Live has been making big moves all summer and now that it's coming back, the host game looks just as strong. We've got new cast members, new writers, and hosts that will make you wet yourself with joy. I'm probably going to wait in the standby line this season a good amount. Also, at the request of my mom, I'm going to write Lorne Michaels a letter, merely stating that I enjoy the show and that I'd like to write for it one day. I know this is a bit unorthodox, but I don't care. Let's do it! Look for that in the coming weeks. 

I'm still looking into the idea of a book for this blog. I want to make a book of my favorite posts or some fan favorites and write a few behind the scene notes to go with each one. Again, if anybody knows anybody, please let me know. Publishing is not my forte. Will Forte isn't even my forte, for some outside perspective. 

In other news, I was on TV. If you watch TruTV's Comedy Knockout, the episode entitled Broke Black Mountain, you can see my smiling face get roasted by three comedians.  It's TruTV presents the Roast of Charlie Shulman. Give it a look. It's the latest episode of Comedy Knockout on TruTV. And I got paid $50 for it. Not a bad night, huh?

Have a good week! Let's power through September and into October. We can do this!

1. Make a sweet Catch Me If You Can reference. (Completed)

2. Be a guest on someone else's podcast. (Completed)

3. Release more episodes of my own podcast. (Completed - 5th is being released whenever)

4. Write a TV show pilot. (2 in progress)

5. Write a play.

6. Take sketch writing classes. (Completed 2)

7. Join an independent improv team. (Completed)

8. Join an independent sketch team. (starting one very soon)

9. Write my own sketch show. (75% done)

10. Act in a sketch show. (the one I'm writing)

11. Host an open mic.

12. Do a feature set of stand up.

13. Attend a live taping of Saturday Night Live. (Completed - Hell Yeah!!)

14. Release a book. (this blog? someone help me do that!!!)