That's Debateable

Oops! I did it again. I missed another week. But this time I have a really good excuse. I was trying to recover from the second presidential debate, which I didn't so much watch as I bothered a bunch of people who wanted to watch it and laugh at the same time. Let me explain what I mean. I was part of a show that took place during the debate, wherein I had the debate streaming to my smart phone and was supposed to recite what the candidates were saying as they said it, doing an impression at the same time, switching between the two candidates with other performers. If it seemed complicated, that's because it was. Even the premise is one big run-on sentence. 

Now, here comes my arrogance again. I've never had the audience leave while I was on stage, except for the one time my dad left during my 201 improv show. (In his defense, he'd seen the show before.) Usually, they stay the whole time. But not this time. It was a trainwreck, except people could look away, and they did, because I saw them leave. The audience was pretty big when the show started. Press was there (see below) and even a camera guy. When the camera guy left, though, I knew something was up. I'm not Mel Gibson, but even I knew that was a sign. I imagine the audience must have felt like the candidates during the debate, each thinking "If I get up and leave now, will anybody notice." Trump even tried it, but it just came off as creepy. But if you don't act on an idea in the moment, you miss it. That's Trump's motto: Carpe Diem by the Pussy.

Here's what would have fixed the show.  You have the debate streaming on the wall, with sound. Now we all can hear it and don't need to worry about bad internet connections or weak WiFi. Those who want to watch it can do so. Now, you have a panel of comedians watching on stage, and they basically riff on what's being said. Microphones are a must. It's rifftrax, MST3K, whatever this overplayed, outdone idea is, to perfectly represent this overplayed and outdone election. 

The mess of a show on stage left nothing but devastation and caused people to leave the room (like a Trump Presidency) and lied to the audience from the beginning (like a Clinton Presidency). It was abysmal. And don't just take my word as someone who had to stick out the whole, take the word of the press/reporter who also had to stick out the show. I apologized to her, but that didn't stop her from writing an article about me. Take a look below (scroll all the way to the bottom). 

Anyway, tonight is the final countdown. After this, it's up to us. Let's make and informed decision. That's the only way anything will be accomplished. You can watch this one in peace, don't worry. I'm not performing anything like that ever again. Ever.