Late to the Internet

I'm not a hypochondriac, but what are the symptoms because I think I may have something. Now, normally, I'm the first person to think that that cut on my finger is cancer. I don't need Web M.D. to confirm that (although they do so without a doubt every time). What I need to do is just relax. Don't yell at me, it's harder than it sounds. To be able to fully relax, that's the goal one day. One day I'd like to be so relaxed that even my handwriting looks like it went to sleep. 

I really want to try meditation. All I need to do is just sit somewhere and focus on my breathing. Not on like a crowded train, but more like by myself in my bed room. But then are a lot of different things that I can do in my bedroom to try to relax. I could just sit and blog for hours.

Speaking of that, I was cleaning out my room at home this weekend, and I found a lost paragraph in my book about blogging. I've included it below, and will add it as an addendum to the book, which is not yet published. Here it is: 


Blogging: Part 4

You know, when I first started blogging, I actually didn't know what I was talking about. I didn't have much experience. I'm what you would call "late to the internet." But since then, I've done it every week, sometimes multiple times a week, and I love it. It's really helped me release some things. And I think people like it when I do it. They like to look at what I've made, ruminate on it, and share it with the world. Their is no greater accomplishment than spreading your seeds of knowledge, wit, and ideas into the world. Now, I will say this; A lot of what I blog goes right into the trash can. But that's part of the process. One day, some idea will stick and the world will change forever. But alas, that is not today. But when it comes, it will be "oh so good!"