Digging Out and Catching Up

If you're reading this on the East Coast, then you've survived the blizzard. Congratulations! If you're reading this on the West Coast, then you've had nothing to deal with this weekend and you are fine. Go enjoy your 70 degree weather. But us East Coasters are digging out from a massive blizzard that dumped upwards of two feet of snow onto us in about 24 hours. That's over an inch an hour, for those of you who can't math well. That's a lot of snow. A lot of fresh powder. That's a bring down a roof amount of snow, and a lose your small child amount of snow. Scary.

For much of the time that it was snowing, the blizzard created white out conditions. I mean, the East Coast is so white right now that it is being nominated for an Oscar. It's so white that Jada Pinkett Smith refuses to be here. It doesn't help that meteorologists gave the storm the whitest name ever, either. Jonas. Oh brother! Had it been named something like Jayquellin, then maybe it would have been better. But I don't know. I'm not a meteorologist. I'm just a Key and Peele fan.

I stayed in this weekend and tried to tackle the insurmountable mountain that is all of the television that I watch. I'd say that I climbed up halfway. Sunday, I ventured outside and walked around Central Park in the snow. That was nice. There were so many kids and parents playing in the snow.  People were doing everything that you could do in the snow (skiing, sledding, snowboarding, football, peeing, etc.). It was a really nice sense of community. Not much was plowed, but hey, I like exercise.

I think I'm gonna wear my boots to work this whole week. There is no dress code, so far as I can figure, so I should be fine. Hello, casual Tuesdays!

Oh, and one more thing. It's the end of the month, so let me catching you up on my list of New Year's Resolutions. Remember these? If you thought I was messing around, I wasn't. Here's what I've done so far.

1. Make a sweet Catch Me If You Can reference. (Completed)

2. Be a guest on someone else's podcast.

3. Release more episodes of my own podcast.

4. Write a TV show pilot.

5. Write a play.

6. Take sketch writing classes. (Completed)

7. Join an independent improv team. (Sort-of)

8. Join an independent sketch team.

9. Write my own sketch show.

10. Act in a sketch show.

11. Host an open mic.

12. Do a feature set of stand up.

13. Be to a live taping of Saturday Night Live.

14. Release a book.

Have a good week. Keep on digging out.