Segue Monday

This week has been kind of low key. I stayed home because I'm Jewish and don't believe in the Pope. But I think a lot of people saw him and feel closer to whatever is inside of the inevitable darkness that awaits us. Whoa! That's pretty heavy stuff. I sounded like a poet with big dreams.

Speaking of dreams, I've had some weird dreams the past couple of nights. Two nights prior, I dreamed that I was very good at improv. Everything that I did was perfect. I listened and responded well. Last night, conversely, I had a dream that I was very bad at stand up. I forgot all of my jokes. But I did ad lib the line "life, liberty, and the pursuit of your mom," so it wasn't a total waste. And in real life, like in my dream, I was sweating pretty heavily at the end of it.

Speaking of salty water, NASA says they may have found evidence of water on Mars. Mars is a cold planet (And they say it gets colder, you're bundled up now, wait till you get older.) that everyone hopes contains life for some reason. Is something else out there? Who knows. I think we need a little more information for Martian life than some briny erosion on Mars.

Speaking of Martian life, the movie The Martian comes out this Friday. It's going to be awesome, just like the book of the same name. If you haven't read Andy Weir's book, do yourself a favor and read it. I teared up at the trailer, so maybe don't go by me. Make a decision for yourself.

Speaking of making a decision for yourself, I'm doing a monologue this Friday at the Philly Improv Theater, and you should decide to come see it. That's all I have this week. Have a good one!