Another One Drives the Bus

Something scary happened to me today. I was on the bus coming back from Philadelphia because I'm so worldly, and I was reading my book. That's not the scary part. Anyway, I wasn't paying attention (because I don't make eye contact on bus rides), when people started to yell up to the bus driver. I started paying attention and realized that we were pulling into the entrance of GlaxoSmithKline. I thought, "Wow, this is really good service," until it became apparent that we were just making a U-turn. "This guy's an idiot," I thought to myself. The bus patrons (can I call them that?) then proceeded to direct this guy from GSK to our final destination. He had absolutely no clue how to navigate the route that we were on. I said "What is this, Uber?" It must have been his first day on the job. Or maybe they switched his route with someone else. I don't know; I don't run SEPTA. That was crazy. My life's pretty crazy. How's yours?