Maybe You Did, Maybe You Didn't

If you're like me, then you spent the entire weekend watching improv duos be funny. But you're probably not like me, and so you didn't do that. Instead, maybe you watched the ponies race on Saturday and saw American Pharaoh win the triple crown. But, then again, maybe you didn't do that either. Did you caddy at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday morning? Of course not. You have dignity. Maybe you watched the Tony Awards and marveled at the talents of very artistic people. Or maybe you just watched reruns of the TV show Friends, by turning to literally any channel at any time of the day. The point is that I don't know what you did. All I know is that I ate Chipotle twice this weekend and I am still feeling that high. What do they do to their chicken? It's chicken wizardry I tell you! By the way, chicken wizardry is the name of my improv duo that I started, where I'm on stage with a live chicken and we improvise deleted scenes from the Harry Potter movies. It's real experimental stuff. You probably wouldn't get it. But then again, maybe you would.