First, an update! My band, Train Trombone, has a show tomorrow in the Penn Station subway system at 5:42 P.M. Guess which instrument I play! Spoiler alert: it's the bassoon. We will be located right next to a pile of throw up. Check us out. We go on right after the Fab Tuba Four, an all tuba-playing Beatles cover band.  Should be fun!

Second, to all of my Jewish friends, Happy Hanukkah, and to all of my Christian friends, Happy Monday.  May your week be filled with joyous fun, presents, and oily foods, and may your week be somewhat tolerable, respectively. The holiday season is officially upon us now, I can feel it.

Finally, my open mic game has been strong here in New York. I'm trying to do as much free stuff as I can, like free improv and free stand up. It's easier to find than you think. I'm enjoying it. It's weird and exciting.

That's about it for this week. Hanukkah will last through next Monday, so maybe next week I'll tell you a story. We'll see. Have a good week!