First things first, the show went well. Here's a photo: 

I'm all the way in the back, you can't really see me. 

I'm all the way in the back, you can't really see me. 

Now, today I want to talk about confidence. No, not confidants, that's some Golden Girls shit. Confidence is how sure you are about something. It's what allows me to be in the middle of the subway, playing an instrument, while an inconvenienced New York crowd looks on.

You should approach everything you do with a medium to high level of confidence. Like ordering food at a crowded restaurant. Don't be afraid to step up and say "Hi! I'll have everything on the left side of the menu. Which ones of those have cheese in them? I don't want those." Just be sure of yourself.  

Decisiveness is confidence with a purpose. I have problems being decisive. No, wait, I don't... Aw who am I kidding? Yes I do. I'm awful with giving directions or finding a place to go. And I know Google has made it so easy for me get around by tapping on a map of wherever I am. But it hasn't helped. Just ask anybody who needs directions from me, if you can find them. I'm pretty sure they are all still lost. 

Maybe I'm confusing confidence with assertiveness. Is that a thing? Like speaking up and saying what you want. Oh, and if you believe hard enough, there are no rules. Remember, it's better to ask for forgiveness, than beg for permission. You look like a noob doing that. Just go out and get what you want from life. Be confident in everything that you do. Confidence. C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-E. Confidence.

Thats correct, Charlie!