Thankless is More!

We've entered that special time of the year. That time of the year when every radio station switches over to Christmas music, in honor of Thanksgiving. Yes, I'm talking about the holiday season. And by holiday season, I mean Christmas season. The one true holiday. The only holiday that matters. The holiday celebrating the birth of a Jewish guy that really took place in the summer. But, I digress.

What are you thankful for this year? If you answered Adele's new album, good answer. Me too! If you said Donald Trump's presidential run, good answer. You get irony. Nice work! If you said a fall with very mild temperatures, good answer. You're right, it has been mild! All things that we should be thankful for.

If I can get real for a second, though, I'm most thankful for all of the opportunity that I've been afforded this year. In the beginning of this year, I was a mere scared little guy about to take an improv class, and since then, I've done improv and sketch comedy all over Philadelphia and now stand up at open mics in New York City. What a difference a year has made! I would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the wonderful people that I've met and become friends with over the past 10 months. You people all mean so much to me, both individually and as a whole community. Thank you especially to the Philadelphia Improv Theater, for letting me be weird and creative. I couldn't have done it without you. You made the pilgrims proud this Thanksgiving. (That's how Thanksgiving works, right guys?)

In conclusion, stuff yourselves so full of turkey that you get cramps Black Friday shopping later that night. Or, you can gorge yourselves, sleep soundly, then wake up and go to the Philadelphia Improv Theater and watch 38 straight hours of comedy. Who knows? You might even run into a familiar face or two! (wink!)

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!