"New" York City

Ok, I spent a full week here and I've already seen so much. I seen famous people, a Broadway show, and all sorts of comedy. Also, I've joined two subway bands and have been playing drums, and backup tuba, which is cool. Look for my bands, C Train Flat and MetroNotes!  

Life on budget has been good too. I'm cooking all of my own meals and packing peanut butter and jelly for lunch. It's great not having to buy lunch out. Now listen, I know there are cheap ways to eat, like pasta and ramen. But I've made a strong pact never to eat ramen noodles. I have a strong aversion to it. I've never tried it, and I've never had it in college. I want to be on my death bed, surrounded by friends, family, and devoted fans, with my arms crossed and my head all peaceful looking. Then, I want to cough, turn my head, and begin to say "My biggest accomplishment,... (cough) was never, ever, not even for one second, thinking about making myself,... (cough) a big bowl of...... (flatline noise) CLEAR!..... (beep) (beep) ramen noodles!" That's how I see it, anyway.

Oh yeah! The jobs ok too. Have a good week.