2048: The Movie

The following is the beat sheet for 2048: The Movie, a movie based on the popular online computer game 2048, of which you are the main character.

What's a beat sheet, you ask? Well, every time that you've heard an apathetic teenager say the words "Last night, I was beating it out in the sheets for like and hour and half," it turns out that he was talking about writing his screenplay in bed. Because that's what a beat sheet does. It gets the plot and structure of a film out onto paper. It'll be more clear as it goes on. If you want to learn more about it, go to the following link: 


Opening Image: A 4 x 4 grid appears on the computer screen, with a 2 in coordinates (3,3) and (4,2).

Set-Up: 2048 is played by using the up, down, left, and right arrow keys to combine 2's together to make 4's, 4's together to make 8's, 8's together to make 16's, and so on until you reach the number 2048. All blocks move together when controlled by the keys, adding a degree of difficulty to the game.

Theme Stated: A couple minutes into the game, you accidentally end up with a "2" in the wrong place, at which point you nearly throw your computer out of the window. Overcoming obstacles takes perseverance. 

Catalyst: The board fills with numbers, and you see the words "Try Again" appear. Never again will you accept the embarrassing failure of wasting time inefficiently. 

Debate: But change is scary and for a moment, or a brief number of moments, the main character doubts the journey they must take. Can I face this challenge? Do I have what it takes? Should I go at all? It is the last chance for the hero to chicken out.

Break Into Two (Choosing Act Two): You choose to start again and the game begins. You've now left the old world behind and moved into a world of 2's.

B Story: You've created a 512 block that you are especially fond of. It is now your love interest. You'll do anything to protect it.

Fun and Games: This is the fun part of the movie. Numbers careen across the screen in each direction. Block values grow and grow as the game goes on. The game is entertaining and going great. 

Midpoint: A 1024 block sits in whatever corner you prefer to have it in (bottom right). The pieces are falling into place ever so easily, and you haven't blinked in minutes.

Bad Guys Close In: Your efforts so far have been great, but now you begin to fill the board up. A 32 sits between a 64 and a 128. You've messed up the order, but it still seems fixable.

All Is Lost: The board is nearly full. Your only 512 block could not be farther from the 1024 block. Then, the board fills completely. The words "Try Again" float up the game board, as if the game knows you and is giving you the finger. You're filled with anger. You finally blink, which at this point, stings worse than the fact that you've just wasted 15 minutes of your life. Your roommate walks past. You turn away from him/her to hide your tears.

Dark Night of the Soul: You stand up, but your legs feel like jello. You sulk into the bathroom and use the toilet. You splash water from the sink onto your face and stare into the mirror. You scream "Why hast thou forsaken me, Lord?" as you roommate walks past. He/she is now convinced that you've lost your mind.

Break Into Three (Choosing Act Three): Just then, you remember that it's only a game. "It's just a game!" you shout. "I am not dead!" You burst out of the bathroom, knocking your roommate's phone out of his/her hand, interrupting the call to the mental hospital. 

Finale: All it takes is a little perseverance. The third time's the charm. Your determination is unwavering as you toggle 2's, 4's, 8's, 16's, 32's, 64's, 128's, 256's, 512's, and 1024's around, with the skill of someone who has played the game before. Your 512 block is back; the love of your life has returned. 

Final Image: Two 1024 blocks sit next to each other. You press the key that brings them together, bonding the two blocks for life. A 2048 block appears, and the words "You Win!" rise on the yellow tinted screen. Redemption has been obtained. We see the "Keep Going" button be clicked as the screen fades to black.

The End