The "F*%# It" List

Just because it's the summer (almost) doesn't mean that I'm stopping writing anytime soon. In fact, I'm back to list making. I wrote my bucket list, on which I have the item "to buy buckets from Home Depot," which is weird, and I thought of a new list to make. This is a list that everyone needs to have in their back pocket. Now, pardon my French, but it's called "Le F$&@ It List." You know what it is, right? It's that list where you put certain things that happen instead of what you wanted to happen, but where the result isn't terrible. So, for example, let's say you're driving and the road is closed ahead, so you take a detour and have to pass by a Nike outlet where everything is on sale. Now you're like "Well, f*#% it! This is happening." And you drive away with three shirts for the price of two.

That's on the list.

Or something like when you go to a restaurant and it's closed because it's 1:00 in the morning, and the only thing open is McDonald's down the road. So you eat at McDonald's. You're like "Well f*#% it! I wanted a hotdog, but I guess I'm eating a Big Mac."

We all have experiences like this. I'm just the only one smart enough to figure out the list for them. I'm not gonna show you my list. I want you to make one for yourself. I'm just merely giving you the starting point. It's called "The F*#% It List," and it contains items like that time when you were a prospective student looking for a differential equations class at college, but ended up sitting in on a screenwriting class for fifteen minutes before announcing abruptly that you were in the wrong place and causing a commotion as you left. That definitely goes on there. So there's your first one. Now go fill in the list. 

P.S. Why not write down that time that you weren't going to make a list on a Monday night but then this random, hilarious blog made it sound so appealing that you were inspired to write one? And you were like "Well f*#% it, I guess I'm doing this now." That would definitely be an item on the list.