This is it people. The Final Countdown. When we count down the hours to our last final or final project. Because for some of us, school's out for summer, and school's out forever, like Alice Cooper said on the titular track of his fifth album. Some of us are done and just waiting to graduate.

But when that happens, we go into the real world as real people. I'm scared of the real world. Not just because, as a television series, it won't die, but because I have nothing lined up in that prime time after-college spot in this huge TV channel line-up that we call life. What goes there? I feel like Nickelodeon trying to decide whether to play Full House or Friends. It'll probably end up being Full House, because I'm gonna be living with my parents in their basement (Joey Gladstone style).

See, college is so fun and exciting that you almost don't want to leave because life will never be this much fun again. I mean, it might be, but chances are that it won't. So I say "Challenge Accepted!!" I vow to make life after college ten times greater (I'll start at one and work my way up from there). Because we don't have to be sad it's over. We can be happy that something new is beginning. I can't wait to see all of the places that we will go. (Note: Do not buy me Oh, The Places You'll Go as a graduation gift. I already have five from that time I graduated high school.)

Actually, I do have a plan. I'm going to become a masked vigilante and fight crime, corruption and people who walk slowly while looking at their phones. Also, I'll secretly teach under privileged children the basic fundamentals of high school subjects like math, science, history, and social etiquette among cliques, or social eticlique. Obviously, my name will be Captain Gown, or Cap'n Gown, for short. So watch out world, cause I'll be lurking among the shadows. (The shadows is what I call my parent's house)