Cinco de Monday

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! Time to grab some margaritas and tacos because it's like a Mexican Christmas out there, except Washington isn't crossing the Delaware; instead, Mexico's army is winning an unlikely victory over the French forces of Napoleon III. Same thing!!! You see, Mexico had trouble paying back war debts to European countries, and France came to collect the debts. Just like a Repo Man. I'm having fun picturing a Repo Man wearing a Beret, eating cheese, and drinking wine. That's a funny image. 

Tequila sales are at an all time high, and that's just from what I bought. Top shelf! The bottle has a rubber stopper in the top. Fancy, I know!! (It wasn't even on sale.) It's just that this is the most important holiday for Americans. We take our Mexican history very seriously. So have some fun today. This is one Monday that shouldn't be boring. After all, it's a national holiday.