Just Another Magazine Monday

Magazines are my kryptonite. What I mean is do not come to me with a deal about buying a magazine. Because I will take it, no questions asked. I'm still getting architectural record. They sat us down freshman year and said "Here's your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy Architectural Record." I was astounded. I said "Wow, eighty-six bucks for for three years? What a steal!!" I'm still getting Architectural Record, and I dropped out of the architecture program three years ago. I guess that makes sense.

The same year, I received a phone call one day from a guy selling magazines. I don't remember the specific one. I believe it might have been a pleasant assortment of catalogs. I can't recall. That is how much my eyes glazed over and I succumbed to the zombie state that controls my brain when a magazine is present. I call it The Reading Dead. "Zines..... Zines......" So there I was on the phone. "Oh, so I'll get all of those magazines, plus a ring?... Cool!... My credit card number?... Umm, I have a visa.... You're right, it does start with a four!... Ok, its......." And I proceeded to give him credit card number. I then called my mom, to share the good news, and she promptly yelled at me and got on the phone with PNC to remove the one-thousand dollar charge applied.