Here's the Deal

Ok, here's the deal. Last Monday, as I was painting lambs blood over all of my doorways (note to self: horrible idea, now its permanently stuck like that, there goes my security deposit), I remembered that I had not written anything. "Godammit," I exclaimed. "Well, now I can't write anything cause it's Passover."

So, needless to say, I've been busy. The week slowly got away from me. There was so much to do that I almost forgot to sleep. Ok, ok, I forgot to sleep. Shut up. But let me clue you in on what I was working on. 

I've been filming a movie. Da Da Daaaa!!!!  It's a live-action short called Sandwi-"ch". It's a movie where I try to make a sandwich. It's a frame story, filled with love, loss, and condiments. And it's kosher!!! Starring Matzah as The Bread, Lettuce as The Everything in the Middle, and Matzah as The Bread (cameo). 

Come see it. You won't want to miss this incredible story. It'll have you saying, "4 minutes isn't enough time!!!"  Rated PG-13 (Passover Great)