Twitch Played Pokémon

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if 90,000 nerds on the internet got together to try to cooperatively play the Red/Blue versions of the video game Pokémon? Me neither. But apparently, that's what happened. It didn't take long for anarchy to ensue, leaving democracy somewhere even the Helix Fossil couldn't find it. (All praise the Helix Fossil!!!) Soon after Pidgeot was crucified as Bird Jesus, the game caught on like Pokémon White on rice. Twitch suddenly became as household of a name as (insert someone nobody has heard of here). The internet was swept up in a whirlwind of Pokémon memes, catchphrases, gotta catch 'em all phrases, Gifs (soft g), Gifs (hard g), imgur photos, Facebook statuses, YouTube videos, and more, overshadowing the Olympics completely. Much like Ash Ketchum, everywhere you turned there were Pokémon. And much like Ash Ketchum, you just kept banging your head against the wall, unsure of how to escape this Nightmare on Professor Elm's Street.

Badges were actually acquired, Pokémon were caught, and a list of fighters was assembled, all while Ash turned seventeen times before moving forward and then backwards. 

Things really got interesting in the middle of the game when, on a day that will only be known as Sunday Bloody Sunday, many Pokémon were released by mistake. Ash's PC took a real beating that day.  

The thing that shocked the game back to life was when they actually managed to catch Zapdos, an electric bird. Move over Bird Jesus! There's a new sheriff in town. The Elite Four stood in the way between them and the final prize. S.S. Ticket (Now is not the time to use that!)

But in the end, against all oddishes, 90,000 nerds came together when they beat the game and started to sing We Are The Elite Four Champions. The battle was over. What destruction hath been wrought?

Now, what happens when the game is over, you ask? Why, it's time to start Crystal Version!