An Uber Amount of Lyfts

Have you ever heard of Uber and/or Lyft? (Your answer here doesn't matter; I'm going to explain them anyway.) Uber and Lyft are sort of like cab services, but where the cab driver is you. Or someone like you. And it's someone who doesn't drive a minivan or a yellow car with a glowing plastic triangle on it. It's a Nissan Maxima or some comparable vehicle. So, first you go onto your preferred mobile device and download the app(s). Then, you sign up, but you also put in your credit card information. (Stay with me. Believe it or not, this is not the sketchy part.) After that, it's ready to go, and you can request a driver. They even tell you how far away the drivers are from you in minutes. (That's a nice feature.) So then you request one by clicking a button saying you want one. And, if someone is available, they will show up in the designated amount of minutes. And then you get into a regular looking car with a random person that you don't know. (This is the sketchy part.) When the ride is over, they charge your credit card. But, that being said, I've used Uber 4 times and Lyft once, and I'm still alive. (I mean, I've been robbed five times, but I'm still alive.) However, something I did realize when I started using them is that I am substantially more racist than I thought I was. I'll work on that. Right now, I'm using promotional rides, so every ride I've had has been free. That is my favorite price for a cab/random person. What you're paying for is convenience, but it's cheaper than buying a car for every need to go somewhere now and again. I like it. It makes my Monday a little easier. 

*Note: Uber and Lyft are not paying me to say this. (But I am open to them doing so.)