Spring Broken

Finally, the East Coast catches a break with the weather... a spring break, that is. It's like 50 degrees or something, which is almost tropical compared to the winter we've had. All of the snow might finally melt, fingers crossed. Also, it's Spring Break, with a capital S and capital B. Most college classes are closed this week, leaving students to fester in their own boredom, or their own bedroom? Unless, you go somewhere fun, like an island, or China. Either way, you're out of the house. That house, man, that house. It lures you in with it's homesickness and then... Blam! nothing to do. I'm out of the house, breaking in spring the right way. I won't say where... cough *House of Cards* cough. I'll keep it short this week, cause I feel like it's been pretty good already. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm clever. Alright, well, take a break this week. See ya.