Friend Zones

Here's the deal. I wrote the same thing two different ways and I don't know which one I like better. They are by no means finished; I am just curious as to what they read like. If you could comment as to which one you like better, that would be appreciated. It is OK to comment anonymously, just be nice. You can write something mean, but if you do, also provide your name so I know who you are. It will make finding you a lot easier.

The Friend Zone (#1)

I'm from outside of Philadelphia, in a little town called Friendzone, PA. It's just like Intercourse, PA., except the exact opposite. You know what I'm talking about. Everyone is just really friendly and nice. We all help each other out. I feel like the town has two rules. Rule #1 - Be nice to each other. Just do things for each other. Rule #2 - See rule #1. Maybe I'll move one day.

The Friend Zone (#2)

As a man, I like to give my bachelor pad a name. You know what I named mine? The Friend Zone. It's comfortable, quiet. Not much happens. I'm really nice to all of my guests. If someone comes over, and they're like "Charlie, can I get something to drink?" I'm like "Hold on. I'll get you one of everything in my refrigerator." Because my pad, The Friend Zone, has two rules. Rule #1 - Be a real good listener and a nice person in general. Rule #2 - See rule #1. That's all. I'll move one day, I will. And when I make my move out of The Friend Zone, I'll look back on it with fond memories, becuase you never forget your first house. 

Seriously, comment on which one is better/funnier/sadder/whatever. Do it!! Happy Monday!