10 Things Only The 5 People Who Have Read This Entire Blog Will Understand

1. The word "blogging" means something entirely different on here.


2. Puns are unavoidable. Or as I cal it, punavoidable! 

3. Impressions don't translate well over crappy audio recording devices. 


4. I like to write, but not perform, song parodies. 


5. I strongly believe that everyone hates Mondays, even though that might not be true. 

6. I own the domain www.peoplesayimfunny.com. 


7. Not every week is a stellar performance. Sometimes, I ramble incoherently because I have nothing to say.  Sorry!

8. One time, I did a Breaking Bad themed post  where I wrote the song Vince Gilligan's Island. It was an ingenious tribute to the show. Really clever. 

9. I dress comfortably, much to everyone else's disappointment. 

10. Contrary to what is written on here, I'm not as Jewish as I seem to be.