New News is Good News

I kept track of the news this week, and here are my thoughts:

Lance Armstrong turned down a spot on 'Dancing With the Stars'. However, he said yes to 'Doping With the Stars'.

Manti Te'o's online dead girlfriend was made up and never existed. If I had a nickle for every time this happened to me, I'd have 0 nickles.

ABC's 'Dont Trust the B in Apartment 23' was cancelled on 1/22/13. I guess we should have read the title more closely.

Tiger Woods is back on top in the world of golf. Is there nothing this man won't get on top of?

A cold stretch of weather swept over the country this past week. Yeah, I heard California was at about 59 degrees in some places.

The Pro Bowl was played last night. I'm just telling you because you probably didn't watch it. I equate the Pro Bowl to the Golden Globes of football. Except I call it the Brown Ovals of Revolution.