Funny Pages Weekly


Hello, my name is Alfredo Miller (yes, like the sauce, and yes, like the beer).  I have a few corrections to last  weeks Funny Pages Weekly. 

On page 3, in the What I've Been Up To section, I incorrectly stated that the date was January 14, 2012. It should read January 15, 2012. 

On page 7, in the In The News section, I mentioned that I buy all of my CD's at Starbucks. I would like to clarify that I only buy most of my CD's at Starbucks. The rest I pirate. 

On page 8, in the Ask Me Anything section, in response to the question "Is my dog racist?", I misstated that France is located in Asia. France is actually located somewhere else. Also, to the person who asked "What is the best type of sock to buy?", I looked it up, and if you lined up all the Slinkys ever made in a row, they could wrap around the Earth 126 times. So you were right.

On page 12, in the Comics section, Mr. Fuzzball should be at the store buying cereal, not buying coffee.

On page 33, in the Crossword section, the word for 26 Across should read "sassafras". Once again, I apologize, and I do not appreciate the death threats.

Thank you,
Alfredo Miller