Super Social Media Bowl Blitz

As I'm sure you are all aware, yesterday was the big day. The day we've been looking forward to all year. Of course, I'm talking about the reunion concert of Destiny's Child. I*cough*...the Superbowl. Yeah, the Superbowl, right. If you didn't watch it, go screw yourself. However, here's a summary for the sad lot of you who missed it. 
The game started out as if the San Francisco 49ers were using the Philadelphia Eagles playbook. The silver lining came during the commercials, and when we got to see that one ref (you know the one), and then at halftime, when Beyonce brought down the house. Actually that's not too far off from what literally happened. But after the second halftime, the 49ers started sticking it to the Baltimore Ravens like Ray Lewis in a fight. They nearly caught back up from a 22 point deficit. But in the end, with the help of a couple blown calls, the Ravens came out on top 34-31. So there. Now you know.

I never intended to get on social media and comment about the game and the commercials. It just sort of happened. People seemed to enjoy it, so that was nice. Below is everything I said.

Prediction: Ravens 27  49ers 24


Beyonce wins the game, hands down.

Lights out, San Francisco!

I switched over to the puppy bowl.

Crackin pistachio style.

Bet the Ravens didn't see this one coming. You know, cause the lights were out.

God said: I need a commercial that will quiet an entire room; so he made a Dodge commercial.

Was that Usher Raymond IV? And the Green Goblin?

4 seconds is plenty of time..........