The Twitterverse and It's Effects on the Sensation of Everyday Life

Hey guys, this is a good one. This is not a post to twiddle your carpel tunneled thumbs at. Last week I was sick, but I’m minimally better now, which is a huge improvement. Ok, enough about that. Now, let's face it. Facebook is boring. There, I said it. Humph. Let me turn back around and explain myself. There just isn't too much going on. I mean, after all, it's where my "friends" are. And why the hell would I want to know that someone just ate at an Applebee's? Maybe because of the Cajun shrimp. I certainly have no need to know that my one friend watches TV. So guess what? Twitter is where it’s at. The party is pumping. Sure there is no event to join for this party, but that's the fun. You just show up and make stupid comments. Everyone is welcome. It's like an open Facebook party. Time: Now. Date: Forever. But twitter is really better. It’s a place for the layperson to knock keyboards with the rich and famous. Some celebrities have twitter account managers like I do, but most are just being themselves and taking great instagram photos. If I were to tell you that most of what I do on twitter is try to talk to celebrities and people more famous than me, would you believe me? I'm inclined to think you would, not just because it's lame, but also because it's improbable and implausible to actually chat with a celebrity. That being said, and you know I hate to brag, but I actually did recently have some tweets of mine recognized by a minor celebrity comedian. Jonah Ray, of the podcast Jonah Raydio, read my response to his twitter game each episode on the past two episodes of his podcast. What does this mean for you? Nothing at all. Zilch. What does it mean for me? Maybe I'll be somebody someday. But that’s the joy of twitter. So, I’d like to thank the universe for twitter, and thank the twitterverse for uni, or something like that. I think you get what I'm saying. And don't forget twitter's golden rule: Tweet others how you would want to be tweeted.

PS. You can follow me at @ChavoTheLegend. For those unfamiliar with twitter, here are examples of both good and bad  tweets.
Example of a good tweet: just went to the gym, now I'm chillin at the grocery store #newyearsresolutions
Example of a bad tweet: #FF hello #goodbye just ate breakfast @twitter
Happy tweeting from a happy tweeter.