The Project

It was 11:38 two minutes ago when Michael glanced at the clock. Now it was 11:40.
"Uh, we've been doing this for four hours. I hate group projects."
"I like group projects, because people are easy to work with," said no one ever.
"Well, that makes one us. Did you finish proofreading the document yet?" asked Michael, who prefers to be called Mike.
"Yeah, and it looks good. There were no mistakes and everything was clear and concise the first time we wrote it," said no one ever.
"Good, that'll save us some time. What's left?" asked Mike with a yawn.
"Well, we need to create the poster to present our project. And let's write it in Web-dings," said no one ever.
"I think we will use Times New Roman. Do you want to stop working for today?"
"Yeah, I'm glad that we are ahead of schedule," said no one ever.
"Good, let's finish things up later," Mike proclaimed.
"It's so nice that we chose to do our science project about cocks," said no one ever.
"Most people call them roosters," said Mike. "You should probably call them roosters."
"OK, sorry, my fault," said no one ever.