Deal With It!

I don't know about you, but I just came out of my food coma. They had me on knife support.
Now that that is over, today is the holiest day of the year for lazy people with money and a computer. It's Cyber Bullying Monday, or maybe just Cyber Monday. I feel like the internet is ruling over us today, kind of like Skynet in The Terminator, except in this case it would be SkyMall.
Hey, go buy something today because things are pretty cheap online. It's exactly like Black Friday, except online. So it's actually no different.
I have to say that this year, I have not participated in any sales or discounts at the start of the holiday season. But I plan to buy things closer to Christmas, which is coming up, sometime towards the end of December. Hanukkah is at the beginning of December. Get ready people. The holidays are in full swing. And today is the day to go buy a full swing set, or a hammock. Just Do It! Swoosh! Nike. Go on Ebay and buy Twinkies. There, now you have plenty of homework. Sorry if I appear bossy (I mean to appear pushy), but that's just how I feel today. Deal with it!!