Giving Thanks (Rebecca Black Friday)

Today is Monday. Thanksgiving is Thursday. And Friday comes afterwards. We, we, we so excited.We so excited. We gonna eat butterball Thursday. I don't want this holiday vacation to end. It's Thursday, Thanksday, gotta give thanks on Thursday. Everybody fighting with their in-laws. Ex-in-laws. Thursday, Thanksday, gotta eat food on Thursday, Everybody's looking forward to the stuffing, gravy.........

This year, I'm thankful that we had all forgotten about Rebecca Black until just now. I'm thankful that the election has ended, and the President has been decided, despite your political view/incorrect ideals. Also, I'm thankful that I'm still doing this. You see, this is the second Thanksgiving post that I've done, and I would like to make it as good as the previous one.
To me, Thanksgiving means being thankful for all you've gotten and currently have. Give and get give, as the saying that I recently made up goes. Generosity is something that should be valued highly, however, some people are just plain stingy. In what I'm making a Thanksgiving tradition, here's a short list (which I am overly generous with) of things people are usually not generous with:

1. Their life savings
2. Their lives
3. Their social security numbers
4. The dark meat of the turkey
5. Their real feelings about in-laws

I have to admit that sometimes I am accused of being less generous (or "incredibly, unfathomably ungenerous") with my possessions. I could tell you why, but I don't want to give out that information.

Getting back to Thanksgiving, I recently got an email with the subject line "Are Turkeys Jewish?" This is an interesting question. I know for a fact that they don't work on Saturdays, but does that make them Jewish? Gobble and giblets sound like Yiddish words, but does that make them Jewish? Something doesn't seem kosher about this question. I'll have to look into it more later.

In summary, Thanksgiving is a time for rest and relaxation. But, unfortunately, if you're going home, you won't get that. You'll get your family, and the stress and hilarity and craziness that comes along with that. But, just remember to give thanks, be thankful for what you are giving, remind the people that you are giving to to thank you, thank them for thanking you, think of who you are thanking, and thank people for thinking of you. This alone should be enough to keep you busy over Thanksgiving.