Acting the Fool!

I bet you are asking yourself, ‘Hey, did Charlie ever act in a play?’ Why are you asking yourself? You need to ask me instead. In any case, yes I have. It was brief, it was years ago, but it was my big break. I played the Three of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. Were there scouts for Broadway there? No. Did I give one hell of a performance? No. I had like three scenes and some group lines. You couldn't even tell if I was speaking or not. I had to stand there and look tough, which I have always had trouble doing. I was a backup actor in a community theater. This is the big time, I thought.  Did I mention the whole cast hated me? Good times, good times. But nonetheless, my parents, friends, and community members came out to see me (and probably the stars of the show) perform, me all decked out in playing card attire. ‘He's such a card, that Charlie,’ is what I would imagine they were saying. I don't know, the lights on stage were too bright. I couldn't see anything. Did I have fun? Yeah, about as much fun as an attendee at the Mad Hatter’s tea party. CHANGE PLACES!! I felt like a small Alice in a big pond. Everybody kept asking me ‘Who are you?’ I told them Charlie, but they laughed and walked away. I didn't get it and thought they were being disrespectful. Did I learn anything? Yes, I learned that you can’t walk on to an established cast and expect to fit into their cliquish ensemble. I didn't get their inside jokes; I think some were about me. Maybe I'm paranoid. There was also talk that I stole the show. I told them I was only borrowing it, but they didn't believe me. Yeah sure blame the new guy. I think that whole drama also added insult to injury. All in all, I decided not to pursue acting any further. It was a good experience. I feel that everyone should experience the theatre in some form or another. I mean, I can't act like I didn't enjoy it a little. On second thought, yes I can. It was terrible.