It's a New Year!

Happy New Year!! It's finally 2012! This year I have some New Year’s resolutions that I plan on sticking to for as long I can (any bets on how long that will be?). I will give it the old college try. And just what are these New Year’s resolutions? Here’s the list.

1. Work Out
2. Acquire income (get paid)
3. Sleep
4. Assure myself that the Mayans are wrong
5. Stock up on end of the world supplies, just in case the Mayans are not wrong (scary thought)
6. Live fully
7. Work hard, party just as hard if not harder
8. Vote for a president who doesn't sound crazy (so no republicans!)
9. Try new foods (maybe?)
10. Write better blog posts (definitely!)

So, I will try my best and talk to you next week. I must get started now, I only have a year to do these things. On a side note, there's a poll in the top right corner that you can answer. Have a good first week of 2012.