Miscellaneous Chazarai

My sole purpose here is to ramble. If you don't want to ride this train of thought, get off and catch the next one. It will be here next Monday. Ok, I hear something. Chuga, chuga, choo-choo. The train has started. Next stop: I'll tell you when we get there. Now, the title is pronounced Hhhhha-za-rye. It's Yiddish. If you don't know what Yiddish is, it's a language that Jewish parents invented so that kids couldn't understand what they were saying. Chazarai means something rotten or junk. I had to look it up, as I myself don't know Yiddish. This post isn't junk or rotten; maybe it is, you be the judge. It doesn't smell bad. All I know is I don't know where I am going with this. Miscellaneous means random. Random junk. Kind of sounds like an attic or maybe a basement storage room.  That's where people keep all of their non-valuable valuables. What do you keep in an attic or basement? Take the poll up to the right. Seriously, do it. Switching to the other definition, random rotten stuff makes me think of a garbage can. That's disgusting. This post is neither of those things. I guess what I'm trying to say is life is random rotten junk. Hmmm... I... seem to have lost my, my... train of thought. Eh, the good news is I got off of the train 5 minutes ago. Did I forget to tell you to get off at your stop? Oh sorry, we past it already. Alright, get off here and walk back. Sorry. Hey, you are actually going to pass a water fountain called my stream of consciousness. You don't want to stop and look at that do you? Probably not. This has been painful enough.