The Ethics of Erasism

I enjoy buying stationery. It is an exhilarating feeling. The smell of a new pencil, the feel of new eraser, a new pad of paper (and its history from beloved tree to trash can filler). Recently though, I realized that I only had white erasers. This was a quick fix; I needed to diversify my eraser collection. So, I said "hey, I'm not an erasist," and I bought a black one. But the idea of buying something that was black made me wonder if I really was an erasist. I fixed this problem simply by buying a new white one. Two wrongs don't make a right, but my papers have never looked cleaner. You see the ethical dilemma here, though. This high polymer hiccup set me back aways in my internal ethical debate. I was filled with questions. How much Erasism is too much erasism? How many different color erasers will I need to buy in order to soothe my aching conscience? What does high quality plastic really mean? These are the topical questions at hand, and I will attempt to answer them in order to achieve appropriate ethical conclusions.