Open Letter to Facebook Chat

Ok, Chat sidebar, look, we need to talk. It's not that I don't like you, but you need to change back to the way you were. This notification/news feed thing you have going on is full of crap I don't care about (also it raises questions like “How many Facebook animal games are there?” and “Why are you telling me that someone whom I barely know is friends with someone whom I don’t know?”). Do i really need to know who is listening to what on Spotify? Oh and i see someone changed their facebook picture. I would have noticed this anyway, as i stalk all of my facebook freinds everyday, but thanks for giving me the heads up. And now I can't see if my friends are online without typing their names in. This is especially hard for me to do since I am lazy. I miss you telling me how many friends are online (I had to laugh at Chat 22 or Chat 69!). Now I can't do that. I can if i click Hide Sidebar, but then you pop up again unchanged. So, I think I speak for everyone when I say change back to the lovable, minimized Chat # bar you were, the one where I could go offline if someone who I didn’t want to talk to was online. I can still do that now but i am referring to the sentimentality of the old you. Thank you.