So, I don't have much for this week. Instead, enjoy these short jokes I wrote. I am here to prove that one-liners aren't out of style. (Actually, I'm looking at these and some are more than one line. Just go with it, I'm sorry for the confusion.)

Will kids in the future have imaginary Facebook friends?
Why is Facebook on every handheld device? It's more like "in your face"book.
Is it alright to laugh at someone for saying they want to be a comedian?
My interpretation and argument class was C is for Cookies: Every time I left I was hungry and confused.
I tried to read Braille the other day but I couldn't read it. I think the word was misspelled.
I got to college and found out that a Frisbee can be thrown with two fingers. One word: INCEPTION!

This isn't too good, I know, I'm the one who wrote it. But didn't it at least make you  smile. I feel like we all need a pick me up after our wishes from Friday didnt come true. Anyway, enjoy your week and see you next Monday.