A New Podcast

Hello!!! It’s been a while, but look, it’s ok. I’m still here. And also, my brother is here. We’ve started a new podcast. After the debacle that was Shulmania (4 episodes of nonsense), we’ve combined heads and become Siamese. No, we’ve started again, this time, droning on monotonously about music and comedy (6 or more episodes of nonsense).

See, he goes to a lot of concerts. That’s not a humble brag, just a sad fact, because most of the time he’s alone. And I do New York comedy. Again, no humblebrag, just aggressive, yelling comedy, and also sad and alone.

But seriously, we talk all the shows out and even banter about music a little. If you like me, you’ll think this is ok too. If you hate me, that’s understandable. Just focus on relating to my brother. That’s what I would do.

Did I mention real guests? In the past, I’ve done impressions. That still happens but we also have real guests. It’s gonna be lit, if the kids will let me say that.

Please find this brocast here, using the tabs at the top, under podcasts -> To Whom it May Concert, for the time being, until we can figure out Adobe Dreamweaver and get that website up and running. Ok, that’s it for this update. Another coming soon?!? I’m ok with that. Listen to To Whom it May Concert by my brother and me.