And This is What’s Leftover (Belated from After Thanksgiving)

Oh boy! This week, I’m going do a list, cause I haven’t done one in a while and it’ll be funny (probably).

Thanksgiving came and went, and this is what’s leftover:

- one loose fitting glove (check your pockets, folks)

- one PS3 controller that GameStop wouldn’t take for trade-in value before I bought a PS4 on Black Friday

- a turkey leg and half a container of stuffing

- many yet-to-be-used Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons (they never expire!)

-  a couple disposable razors to substitute for my good one that I forget constantly

- an unpunched, discounted NJ Transit ticket from the express train floor

Just that stuff for now. I’ll find more as I do a deep clean of the house. See ya!