Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

Ok, folks, I'm back, and I've got a sweet tan (sunburn that has stopped hurting). Why you ask? Because I was in Florida for half of a week and then I went on a cruise to the Caribbean. I'll explain both in a minute. I was gone for about a week and a half, and it was the busiest relaxing that I've ever done. I selected 'scheduled vacation' for time off at work, but I never thought I'd actually be doing that?!?! Ok, now I'll say a sentence that no one should ever have to utter; Let's talk about Florida.

For the most part, it was just hot and muggy. Oh, those dog days of August are tough ones, but don't worry, we prepared for it (squeezed sunscreen into as many 3-ounce bottles as we could). We went to Florida to catch the cruise, but first we stopped at the infamous and ever popular Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Because that's what you should do in hot,  steamy Florida: wait it line for hours in order to ride a two minute ride. I mean, we used Fastpass+ on some stuff, but others, we just spent time waiting in 3 of the 4 Walt Disney World theme parks. Doing 3 Disney parks in one day is kind of like trying to find a Disney film that doesn't have some twinge of racism in it: you can do it but it's tough and you won't be able to see everything. At the end of the day, Disney does a light show on the castle with animated sequences that are very pretty. It's a good selfie/video moment, just ask EVERYBODY who was there.

I've been to Disney before (both Land and World) and I recommend going if you haven't been. It's a bit overwhelming, but if you just try to have fun and take in what you can, it becomes that magical place where dreams come true (with screaming children). I think Disney is a place where adults can go to feel like children. I mean, they feel like adults because they have to pay for everything, but they feel like children because it's clean, wholesome fun. When you take children there, they seem even more like children. I don't think young children should go to Disney. They should be like 9 and up and have a strong appreciation for Disney films with a memory that'll support the experience. If we wait even later, we might be able to lift some of the height restrictions on rides too!

Universal Studios was great because that's where Harry Potter World is! Those books helped raise me (along with the babysitter who introduced me to them), so it was nice to experience an immersive world made up of my childhood reading and movie watching experiences. It really looks like the world of Harry Potter. The rides are quick and the Butterbeer is expensive, but I wouldn't expect anything less from a hot, sauna like amusement park in the middle of Florida. I recommend going if you like Harry Potter. If you don't, the rest of Universal is great too. Absolutely nothing to do with Harry Potter and everything to do with Despicable Me and food and shopping. It's great.

But the real fun started when I went cruisin'... (to be continued)