Senate and Chill?

The government, am I right? It seems like they are going through a bit of a rough spot. I mean, this side says this, that side says that, the third side goes "Moooo!!" I can't keep track. And neither can they, I don't think. So that's why I'm proposing a new model for our Governemnt. They need to bring a little fun back into their lives. Everything is so tense, so serious, so Fox. I believe that it doesn't have to be.

That's why I'm going to go out on a limb (branch?) and say that I have a solution. We need to have the government follow some easy, fun ways to make working there a piece of cake. I've outlined new terms and definitions below that I would like the government to pass into laws, however that's done. (I honestly don't know; I slept through most of School House Rock in elementary school.)


Here we go:

1. Fili-Dave&-Buster's - This would be when someone on either side is trying to filibuster, the court immediately stops. Then, each party collectively goes to Dave & Buster's, and whichever side walks away with the most combined tickets, they win the ruling and also like an XBOX plus five keychains and eraser toppers.

2. Executive Law and Order - Before every Executive Order, the President must watch an episode of Law and Order and if he can not figure out who the murderer is within the first 30 minutes, the Order doesn't pass.


Let's start with these two and see what they do with them. Now, does anyone know how to get these to the government?  Do I call my local congressman? Don't forget, I fell asleep during School House Rock. Let me know.