Gotta Catch 'em All (Up to Speed)!

I wanna be the very best/ blogger there ever was/ to write well is my real test/ to entertain is my cause...

I will make up some crazy stuff/ joking all the time/ in each blog post to understand/ the funny that's inside...

Monday Blog! (gotta post 'em all)/ It's me and me/ I know it's all just for me/ Monday Blog!, oh, you're my friend/ in a world we must up end/ Monday Blog! (gotta post 'em all)/ Always half true/ My language will pull me through

You write me and I'll write you/ Monday Blog! (gotta post 'em all)/ gotta post 'em all/ Monday Blog!

I know that that doesn't make up for me missing numerous weeks of posts the past two months, but wasn't it whimsical and fun? August I'm back on track, for sure. I was busy, and I mean really busy, Comedy, jobs, and moving my life from Manhattan to Brooklyn really got the better of me. But I'm emerging from the ashes like a Phoenix in heat, and by that I mean bird dick forward. You'll see. It's all going to work out and be alright.

So what if my new apartment is hot, smells weird, and has more roaches than Snoop Dogg's house? We have a woman currently running for president, so what a time to be alive! I, like the rest of America, will be guided out of the darkness by the light of her pants suit. You'll see. Anyway, I'll end with New Year's Resolution updates. They are good and very updateable, which is my favorite NBC show about computers who own a bar. So here you go! Next week is new, I promise. Pokemon Go enjoy your week!

1. Make a sweet Catch Me If You Can reference. (Completed)

2. Be a guest on someone else's podcast. (Completed)

3. Release more episodes of my own podcast. (Completed - 5th is being released whenever)

4. Write a TV show pilot. (2 in progress)

5. Write a play.

6. Take sketch writing classes. (Completed 2)

7. Join an independent improv team. (Completed)

8. Join an independent sketch team. (starting one very soon)

9. Write my own sketch show. (75% done)

10. Act in a sketch show. (the one I'm writing)

11. Host an open mic.

12. Do a feature set of stand up.

13. Attend a live taping of Saturday Night Live. (Completed - Hell Yeah!!)

14. Release a book. (this blog? someone help me do that!!!)