Del Close, but No Cigar

First of all, I'm sorry. I'm truly, madly, deeply sorry. You know it's bad when I have to make a Savage Garden reference to apologize. I missed last week's post, and this week's is late already, and for that, I will never forgive myself (immediately forgives himself). This schedule is important and I haven't taken it seriously. For that, I'm really sorry. I've been very busy.

Now that that's over, let's talk about this past weekend. It was basically [insert music festival here] for improv comedy in NYC. That's right, it was the Del Close Marathon (DCM). The Del Taco-Glenn Close Marathon sponsored by Seeso (if you want an ad free blog, pay me!) was one of the most fun things I've ever been to. Never before have improvisors elicited deep, belly laughs from me. I really enjoyed myself. I thought 56 straight hours of improv would be scary, tiresome, and hilarious. It was all three and more. I got very little sleep, watched comedians (some more famous than others) do improv, and I even managed to perform in a show at 5:10 on Sunday morning. It was mind blowing.

I'm a bit of a celebrifile (wins understatement of the year award!) which is a term I made up that means that I'm obsessed with celebrities. I get really, really nervous around them, though. Like I fist bumped Jason Manzoukas in passing and spent the next five minutes trying to stop sweating. But when you're there, and Amy Poehler passes by with her children, you just have to remain cool. Don't freak out. Everything is fine. Slow your heartrate down. Don't throw a book at her like "Here, sign this!!" Play it cool. They're just people.

I've talked about improv on here before. It excites me and confuses me and I love watching it done well. And getting to watch it done by people you only know through your television and ear holes is pretty cool. But with great star power comes great restarsibility. The toughest part is the lines. If you thought coming up with lines on the spot was tough, try waiting in them! (Ba dum tissss)

Now, I'm no stranger to waiting in line (re: SNL waiting) but wow, when you're missing one thing to maybe get into something else it's tough. First world problems, I know. But that's the reality. That's the base reality that has been established. And we all just have to say "Yes, and!" (Turns and winks at no one!) 

Was it worth it to not sleep and run from theater to theater in NYC. You bet your sweet sweet ass it was. I didn't get to see everything, but what I did see was fun and original and awe inspiring. It's an interesting feeling to be on the cusp of emerging into this established world that so many people flourish in. Or pretend to flourish in. Improv is tough. Everybody I watched made it look easy. Watching it was quite the experience. It felt like a wild, mini-vacation. I didn't really feel it until I went back to work on Monday. Umph!!! What a punch in the gut! I couldn't focus at all, which partly has to do with my being tired and partly has to do with my interest in what I'm doing. 

I got into the festival for free. I know, right? All you have to do is volunteer to help out. I'm of the "I'll help anybody" mentality because if you help people, they remember you. And when you need help, they come to your side if you've done a good job for them. So I worked at what's called the Party Space, which is like an art gallery turned into a makeshift party. There was a dance floor on the photo shoot space. Makes sense, right? But I worked the closing shift Saturday night, 11:45 pm to 4:00 am Sunday. That's a wild time there. I couldn't drink, but I lived vicariously through the partiers leaving there drinks on every surface, ledge, and floor. It was hard work and consisted of me throwing out soupy piles of trash soaked in beer... and also my shoes, but I would do it all again if I could. 

Now that I've done it once, DCM will be so much easier next time. I'm already planning out next year's activities. I should probably get in line now if I want to get a good seat. There's probably like 3 or 4 people in line at UCB Chelsea. I'm gonna go do that. Let's talk later.