Random Irrationality

I feel as though I would be doing my readers and fans (you know who you are) a great disservice if I didn't at least mention that today is in fact Pi Day, or as non-nerds call it, Monday. You see, today is March 14th, or as read on the bottom right corner of your computer screen, 03/14, as in 3.14, the digits of Pi. Now, it worked out last year that the next numbers, 1 and 5, matched Pi's digits, 3.1415. I think this year it matches better because going to a further decimal place you can see this: 3.14159265358979 rounds to 3.1416, or 3/14/16. Non-nerds refer to that as today. Boom! MInd = blown. 

Besides being Pi Day (I'll get back to that in a minute), I've been feeling really random lately. Let me tell you some quick stories:

Daylight Savings Time - Ha, more like dumblight savings time, am I right? (Gives self a high five!) I was completely thrown off this morning when I awoke to darkness. Also, I was dead tired leading up to going to bed last night, then got into bed, and instantly became more wide awake than a Katy Perry album. I believe the kids call it woke, yes? It was crazy. For some reason, I do my best idea generation when I'm brushing my teeth, in the shower, and getting into bed. So, as long as I'm constantly doing my bedtime ritual, I should continue to be a genius.

Greed Baguettes Greed - I was at the market making my way over to the baguettes, which have become a staple of my diet these days. All six baguettes stared at me with opportunity. An old lady rolled up next to me and took two and then told me to pick, so I chose one. Then I turned around and left. When I looked back, she had all four in her cart like it was just OK and normal to walk around with four baguettes in a grocery cart. Save some for the rest of us, lady! She also looked lost the entire time, which makes me think that she has dementia. She also has a whole lot of carbohydrates! Zing!!!

Here is one final thing. I wrote a song about Pi once. It's a parody of the intro, first verse, last verse, and outro of American Pie. It's too long to post here. If you want lyrics, let me know.

There we go. Just as random as Pi.