Mayweather the 4th Be With You

Happy Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you! See what I did there? I took today's date, May the 4th, and substituted it in place of "may the force," from a classic Star Wars line. I'm so clever!

Did you watch the fight over the weekend?  I'm not into boxing that much. Listen, I like watching a Fillipino hug a black guy as much as the next person, but boxing really doesn't do anything for me. That fight did not live up to the hype that was established for it. And what's with each boxer earning like $83,000 dollars a second? I would let someone punch me in the head of it meant I would receive $83,000 dollars a second. Where do I sign up?

And did you watch the Kentucky Derby? It's the fastest two minutes in sports. I thought the fastest two minutes in sports was when Tiger Woods cheated on Elin. I was wrong. Nevertheless, it was a well fought race with an exciting finish. Like when Tiger Woods cheated on Elin. Much more interesting than that tea party between Mayweather and Pacquiao. Sheesh!!!

Have a good week!