It's Always Funny in Philadelphia

It's all happening so fast, people. You've spoken up and the reviews are in: I'm funny! But now other people (ones who don't read this blog, but probably should start) think that too. Like I'm trying to join an independent improv team. Why? Not because I'm good at improv, but because I'm funny. And I practically fell into a position on a sketch team. Why? Not because I've taken sketch classes, but because I went out and had sketches put up in front of people, and they were funny. You see, going out and doing things is always better than sitting around and saying things. Actually getting things done beats talking about getting things done, any day of the week (especially Mondays!). 

I'm going to be updating this website really soon. Did you forget it was a website? Me too. Anyway, I'll be adding dates and times when you can come see me do things (do, not say). Also, I want to get all of my videos up here and on my YouTube channel: peoplesayimfunnyvids. So there is some work to be done. That should be enough to keep me busy until next week. If not, I'm caddying again, so you know I've hit rock bottom. Hit it with a f***ing five-iron. And chunked it right into the rough. Send help please! But you know what? At least I'm funny.