TV Watch: 2015

I am no where near caught up on all of the television shows that I watch. It's a huge problem. I would need to lock myself in room for like 3 days and just watch everything that needs to be watched. I haven't been keeping up with everything, you know, because I'm busy. But that's no excuse. I should have watched the Big Bang Theory weeks ago, not just now. And I should have watched How to Get Away with Murder instead of letting it get away from me (I'm still 2 episodes behind.) I saw all of Daredevil, even though Daredevil saw none of it. (He's blind, but in an ironic, hipster sort of way. Like he can still see, but everything is on fire. To be fair, though, most things are on fire in that show. Hmm. Now I'm confused.) 

You're probably saying "Charlie, you watch a lot of stuff, you must be getting good use out of your Netflix account." Ha, joke's on you. I don't have a Netflix account. I stream everything like a hooligan. But not fast enough, as we can see, because I'm still more TV constipated than a commercial for Ex-Lax. (TV constipated is the name of my new improv team.) Don't worry, fine reader. I will watch everything that needs to be watched. For I have the time, I will make the effort, and I am willing to be the TV watcher and enthusiast you've come to know and tolerate over the years.

I still remember being able to multitask and watch TV while doing my homework in high school. Then, I tried it in college, and I ended up changing majors. Oh TV, where would I be without you, you mind numbing entertainment? You keep me grounded. Thanks. Now, I'm gonna stop writing. I have some catching up to do.