The State of the Union?

The President's state of the union address is tomorrow. You're not alone. I didn't know either. But what I do know is that I saw an idea over the weekend that I really enjoyed. It had to do with translating dialogue in a conversation from English to Spanish to French and back to English. So, I thought if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Here is an excerpt from the last state of the union, translated from English to Polish to Latvian to Basque to Spanish to English. It turned out pretty good. 

"Tonight, the camera has a voice that speaks of those people, you, our citizens, the state of our union is strong that they create.

Here are the results of their work, the unemployment rate is the lowest in more than five years. The recovery of the housing market. The manufacturing sector, increasing employment, for the first time since 1990. Instead of buying oil in the world is produced in the country - it was the first time in nearly twenty years ago. Our deficit - reduced by more than half. And for the first time in more than a decade, announced that China is already the world's business leaders to invest in a number of places in the world; America is.

So that's why I think it could be a breakthrough in America. Five years after the sand and take decisive action, the United States than any other nation on Earth better prepared for the 21st century."

My favorite part is when the camera speaks to the people. Also "the sand," whatever that is. Have a good week.